Annaliese Arena - Miss Rochester - Shares a Message and Poem for her Birth Grandmother on the National American Miss Spokesmodel Stage : Dancing on Injustice
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Annaliese Arena - Miss Rochester - Shares a Message and Poem for her Birth Grandmother on the National American Miss Spokesmodel Stage

by Sandy Arena on 01/07/17

 "Adoption - A Better Way in America" is the title of a speech given by a 12 year old girl in honor of her birth grandmother and birth mothers and adoption advocates around the world at National American Miss's national stage in Anaheim, California in November 2016.

Here is the video of Annaliese's speech on YOUTUBE. Annaliese is the 2016 2017 National American Miss Preteen Miss Rochester.


Anna has always been an excellent and fearless public speaker having commanded the attention of audiences at pediatric cancer events, classrooms and even at professional basketball games.

At National American Miss, Master of Ceremonies Joy Soprano said during a crowning event, "We want these ladies to have a voice, and to be heard."

Anna did just that when she shared about her family's prolife ministry and a message to honor her birth grandmother who chose life for her father - Sam Arena - and therefore chose life for her, too.

Within an hour of initially posting the video, the Arena Family - founders of the prolife ministry Lifework Media and Arise Sweet Sarah Film - got a thumbs down on YouTube. They took the video down for a time to protect Anna while she was competing at National American Miss. They recently published the video again.

Anna has been on the front lines as an important member of the Arena family's ministry since a young age. Their message has always been and always will be one of peace and love and healing for the thousands suffering in the aftermath of choice with their film Arise Sweet Sarah. Anna's mother Sandy Arena - founder of Lifework Media and Arise Sweet Sarah is post abortive knows first hand the devastation of abortion.

Please take 90 seconds to view Anna's video.

Anna's father's adoption was a closed adoption in Rochester, NY in 1967. He was born April 13, 1967. New York State Non-Identifying information states that his mother was 20 years old at the time, and her mother died while giving birth to her. She was a secretary and she was beautiful. She was of American Indian and French ancestry. His father was older, an engineer and was Italian. If you or someone you know has information on his birth family's whereabouts, please contact us at

For more information about Annaliese and to invite her to speak or share her gift of ballet and speech about adoption, visit

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