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Hate Abortion, Not the Pictures of Abortion

by Sandy Arena on 03/22/14

A post was pointed out to me of a person who I was told has a position of leadership and influence at a mega church around here. This person was disgusted by pictures of aborted babies (called in the post, “fetuses”) that were displayed all over Rochester recently as part of a major prolife event here in our city.

This person mentioned the fact that people don't want to see the pictures because they are disturbing to those “who are trying to eat”. This person received 76 likes for this post. I can't comment back on the wall, so I will comment here for anyone who shares this divisive viewpoint who calls themselves a "prolife Christian".

First and foremost at the heart of this, please don't speak out against other pro lifers who are trying really hard to end abortion. Unlike my opponents over at Planned Parenthood who get paid for what they do, most of us work for free. And as you all "like" and speak out against the approach of hardworking, courageous pro lifers on a particular day, remember that almost 4000 babies died the day you "argued approach".

Sorry the pictures of dead babies has made you lose your appetite. If that's your feeling, then, well, you technically should lose your appetite everyday of your life. The “pictures” are there, happening every day, but unfortunately you just can't see them - they are tucked in the dark corners of your city. You have made peace with that which you cannot see and your ability to eat and really enjoy life has remained intact. It reminds me of the churches who just sang a little louder as the trains of screaming people went by them on the way to the concentration camps. “Let's not interrupt our lives to focus on such horror, shall we, as we sit here in church and worship God.”  

I am so disappointed right now and frustrated. No, killing human beings is not nice at all and we should all feel sick to our stomachs every day to the point of losing our appetites, and not just the day the pictures came out onto the streets from the courageous souls. Get mad at the abortionists. Get mad at the people who vote pro abortion.  Get mad at the lawmakers. Get mad at the devil. Get so mad that you get involved. Pray. Dance. Volunteer. Sit in the pregnancy centers. Haul boxes of junk out at the garage sales in 100 degree weather. Set up tables at a banquet. Run the sound at prolife events. Show up and take some pictures for us and them post them on your wall. Do something to help then those of us who are trying.

This person spoke about the hate and the anger these pictures evoked and that Jesus wouldn't do it that way. He'd hang out with the sinners. Of course He would and pretty sure He would be at the clinics and the pregnancy centers and vigils and the banquets and the shows and the garage sales. So where are you all? Where are the 77 "likers” who are mysteriously absent? It's the same old, same old at these events and the workers are few and the resources are so very scarce. If you hate the pictures, then hate them enough to join the effort and get involved. The movement desperately needs you.  Talk to your pastors. Talk to your youth leaders. Every church in this city ought to have an ongoing prolife effort and battle plan in place, every day. Pick your project. There are many.

And as for the hate and anger that the pictures evoke, well, I've yet to meet or have a conversation with a pro abort that yielded something other than that and my approach DOESN'T involve holding pictures of dead babies. I could just be sharing my own post abortive testimony of how I regret my abortion and I’m STILL met with hate and anger and accusations. I know my sidewalk workers and fellow protestors and volunteers and prayers have even been met with worse - things being hurled at them from the road; death threats. Or what about the people who braved the capitol in Texas recently who had to hide in rooms because of the threat of guns?  All THEY were doing was singing hymns in intercession and they were met with death threats. It's not a picture of a dead baby that stirs up the evil, it's the enemy rearing his ugly head against anything and everything that could stop this very successful campaign of death and destruction that has been legally permitted in our country for the last 40 years. It could even be a simple sign that says "I Regret My Abortion", or a dance danced, or a prayer spoken or a testimony shared. These activities and approaches too yield hate and anger.

So let’s lose our appetites from that, not from the pictures. I'm post abortive. Those pictures break my heart everyday and remind me to keep working hard and speaking out. I am VERY concerned about the heart of the post abortive mom or dad or sibling or friend. Abortion affects EVERYONE and I work everyday of my life on post abortive healing tasks. But abortion needs to end and be outlawed simultaneously, otherwise the funnel on one end of my job to bring healing to the post abortive just keeps filling up. The patients never stop coming.

Please, if you are a Christian and you claim to be pro life, don't slam the workers and their approaches. It’s working against the cause. They are trying. They are yielding results at a very slow pace.  They are few. If you have something negative to say, then I would challenge you then to gather up your troops and immediately start doing something else. IMMEDIATELY. Time is of the essence. The babies die all day, every day, every year, for 40 years. They are indeed dropping off like flies as we argue.

The slamming and the jamming I've received MOSTLY comes from those who claim to serve the same Jesus I serve. 99 percent of the time the garbage I get is from Christians and why? Because they don't like my approach. For me, they don't like dance. They think it’s inappropriate and it doesn't belong in church. I've also been criticized and shunned by a Christian organization for using the scripture "Thou shall not murder" on an advertisement for our show.  I EXPECT conflict with people who believe it is okay to kill a child. I don't expect it when it comes from "My Side" of the battle line. It's exhausting. 

We will be dancing in silence in front of Planned Parenthood on University on Saturday morning from 10 am to 11 am this coming Saturday. I would be thrilled to see all 76 of the "likers" and the writer of that post at our pro life event where our approach to raise awareness is silent movement. The handful of us could use your help.  www.silentdancersforlife.org and www.thelifeballet.org.


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